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Air Unlimited offers a comprehensive range of load banks, which are essential tools for verifying the performance of electrical power sources such as generators and UPS systems. With our load banks, you can ensure that your power sources are operating at optimal levels and meet the required standards. Whether you need to test a few kilowatts or multi-megawatt power sources, we have container, trailer-mounted, permanent, generator-mounted, and portable load banks to suit your specific needs. Trust Air Unlimited for reliable load banks that enhance the performance and reliability of your electrical power systems.


Load banks equipment
  • Types: container, trailer-mounted, permanent, generator-mounted, and portable models, capable of testing from a few kilowatts up to multi-megawatt power sources.

  • Load banks have a wide range of applications, including power generation, healthcare, data centers, OEM test cells, utilities, oil & gas, wind, solar, and hydro.

  • They are particularly important for life safety or mission-critical loads that require periodic testing at specific percentages of genset capacity.

  • Load banks provide value by verifying and enhancing the system performance of power sources.

  • Series: 1000 - 7000

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