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We work closely with our suppliers to ensure we can offer you unmatched expertise and education to select, install, and maintain the perfect blower for your application.


We are proud to offer Hibon's range of technologically advanced blowers, which are constantly evolving, as well as Tuthill MD Kinney's time-proven designs which undergo rigorous testing to ensure the most reliable performance that stands the test of time.


MD Kinney Equalizer RM Blower, positive displacement blower

Low-maintenance Positive Displacement Blowers require minimal servicing (only oil change, belt tension replacement, inlet filter cartridge change), and are designed to meet the requirements of standard air or neutral gas applications. Ideal for water treatment, pneumatic conveying, food processing, cement works, and more. From the heavy-duty high-pressure industrial applications of our PD Plus blowers to our reduced-noise and flexible Equalizer blowers, our inventory will meet and exceed your specific needs.


Multistage Centrifugal Blower High Performance, centrifugal blower

New technology from Hibon, Multistage centrifugal blowers are dynamic radial compressors that generate variable flow and power at constant speed. There is no compressed air during running, pressure is built by accelerating the fluid in a set of impellers and then decelerating the fluid by means of long radius and high-efficiency diffusers. Airflow is modulated via a valve on the suction side, and pressure remains constant.

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